Los Angeles spans about 1300 square kilometers and so it’s no surprise to find that the huge city is split into different sections. For guests staying at our bed and breakfast in West Hollywood Los Angeles, the Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Sunset Strip districts of Hollywood are the closest locales, giving you more than enough attractions and areas to fill your stay in the city. Whatever the reason for your visit, ensuring that you make time to explore the beautiful neighborhoods of West Hollywood is key to a fruitful trip.

Whilst these are not the only areas to visit in West Hollywood, they are certainly a great place to start, encapsulating the energy, vibrant creativity and friendliness of Hollywood.

West Hollywood

West Hollywood’s history dates back to the 18th century and has a population of at least 34,000. With many commercial districts and a popular LGBT scene focused on the area, West Hollywood has always been a hot spot for tourists.

The first settlers in West Hollywood were European, comprising of Portuguese explorers who introduced the natives American’s to Christian missions and built outposts around the Santa Monica Mountains. With its history ingrained into West Hollywood or WeHo as locals call it, the area gave way to casinos and nightlife in post-prohibition California. This thriving entertainment sector attracted the movie business, and by association, tourism to the area. Eventually, this meant that accommodation like the Hotel SVB 850 started providing stays and eateries such as their boutique hotels in Beverly Hills.

Santa Monica

Running through Ocean Avenue and into Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Boulevard is one of the most popular tourist destinations for San Vincente Bungalow restaurant guests. Spanning about 8 and a half square miles, Santa Monica is home to historic monuments and a broad variety of summery entertainment and activity. With its plethora of attractions and shopping districts, Santa Monica has built up a long history of tourism and exciting attractions. With its beautiful beach and pier, the area is home to the original weightlifting haven of Muscle Beach, whilst also providing farmers markets and the ocean views from the pristine Palisades Park.

Sunset Strip

Running for a staggering 22 miles, the Sunset Strip is a large road that runs alongside the LA mountain range. Originally built from a cattle trail developed in the 1780’s, the Boulevard has quickly become known for its nightlife and entertainment, whilst also housing a range of film studios and business offices. With its history dating back to the 18th century and the very founding of LA, it’s no surprise to find that the area has quickly developed into a thriving entertainment hub and provides everything from bus toured maps to the stars to entertainment museums.

The Design District

The Design District of Los Angeles is popular due to housing over 20 different shops and shopping centres. With everything from upscale fashion boutiques to arts and crafts and furniture stores, the Design District is a must for on-trend shopaholics wanting to bring a memento home from their time in LA.