The Sunset Strip pulls in tourists from around the world. With its prominent nightlife scene and proximity to Beverly Hills, WeHo, as it’s known, draws in nightlife revelers, celebrity spotters and art enthusiasts from across the world.

With one of the largest gay scenes in America and an incredible pride festival every June, it’s no wonder that WeHo is an electric mix of entertainment and vibrant LA life. As one of the most walkable parts of California, West Hollywood is the perfect tourist destination for US travelers.

But if you’ve only got a weekend, how do you make the most of your West Hollywood experience? Luckily, just 3 miles in size, the district is easily walkable, with plenty of attractions and events along its Sunset Strip.

Staying at the Hotel 850

One of the best options for luxury accommodation in the West Hollywood area is our very own Hotel 850 SVB. With its comforting blend of home aesthetics and luxury service, this new and innovative accommodation is one of the best hotels On Sunset Blvd West Hollywood.

850 Hotel

The Bungalow-inspired aesthetic keeps you grounded whilst you visit the heady heights of Hollywood. 850 is an especially ideal location because the area is scenic but the street is secluded.

Best of all, staying with us will mean you’ll be just a stone’s throw away from many of the top WeHo draws!

So you’ve checked in, now what?

With countless attractions in the West Hollywood locale, you’ll be based in the perfect spot to explore the rich tapestry which the area has accumulated. With only a few days to spend in the area, a weekend is still long enough to scratch the surface of this unique and popular Hollywood destination.

Explore WeHO’s design district

With the Pacific Design Centre or “Blue Whale” just around the corner, the design and boutique shopping scene in West Hollywood is one of the best in the world. The Pacific Centre in particular is home to over 100 showrooms focused on furniture, architecture and interior design accoutrements. Even if you don’t plan on buying, the spectacular blue-clad center is well worth a walk.

If it’s the other side of boutique you’re after, then the area surrounding the Hotel 850 plays host to shops such as the famous Book Soup bookshop and an Alexander McQueen fashion outlet. These are just two examples of how the WeHo shopping scene reflects the personality and identity of the area.

Dining on the Sunset Strip


There are countless dining opportunities in West Hollywood and the area is especially alluring because the area is famous for stylish bars and restaurants. Whether it’s the down to earth Pink’s Hot Dogs, with its creatively topped rolls, or the extravagantly stylish Sushi Park, there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy some of the best food in West Hollywood during your stay.

Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon west hollywood

For some of the best views in West Hollywood, Runyon Canyon is a mere ten-minute drive from the Hotel 850. With bike rentals, nature trails and spectacular views over the LA cityscape, Runyon Canyon is a must if you want a taste of nature amidst the urban sprawl.

Entertainment in WeHo


When staying in West Hollywood, it won’t come as a surprise when we say that you’ll be faced with world-class entertainment. With Hollywood being the world capital of entertainment, it’s not surprising to find venues like the Comedy Store in WeHo offering up some of the best laughs in the country, if not the world. On top of this, you’ll find countless music and theatre venues showing high-class entertainment which is undoubtedly worthy of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.