With the Sunset Strip just around the corner, West Hollywood is the perfect area of LA for a spot of shopping.

Better still, if you’re staying at the Hotel 850 SVB West Hollywood California, then you’ll be just a stone’s throw away from some of the best retail opportunities in the city. With its focus on fashion, art and entertainment, the malls and independent boutiques of LA are perfectly placed for browsing and gift buying and offer you not only great value and diverse shopping experiences, but also a deep dive into the culture that makes this area so unique.

Pacific Design Centre

The Pacific Design Centre is one of the most famous design showrooms in the country, if not the world. Comprised of over 100 showrooms and two separate restaurants, this 1,600,000-square-foot building is known as the “Blue Whale” due to its large size and blue exterior.

Here you can find a range of architecture, furniture and homeware designers alongside interior designers and interior product lines. Whether buying for your property back home or just browsing for the artistry, this is one of the most impressive design focused buildings in the world. With our very own 850 being the ideal hotel near the Pacific Design Center, you’ll be perfectly placed for day’s worth of browsing the belly of the Blue Whale.

Violet Grey

Located on Melrose Place, Violet Grey is a female-run, women-centric beauty and skin care shop. Focusing on curation rather than selling, this shop has a relaxing and calming atmosphere and promises more than just a high-end independent wellbeing business, but an experience in and of itself.

Just One Eye

Just One Eye is a WeHo based design and fashion boutique with a focus on cutting edge fashion and designers.

With a focus on art and culture, alongside striking homeware ideas, Just One Eye is the perfect spot for art and fashion lovers to peruse the jaw-dropping designs on display. With art and fashion collaborations with the likes of Damien Hirst and Nate Lowman, you can find boutique and handcrafted Converse Trainer designs, along with visually adventurous handbags and clothing ranges.

Book Soup

Located on the Sunset Strip, this is one of the best spots in the city for book shopping. With independent publishers and classics being stacked on the ceilinged shelves of this highly esteemed literary salon, Book Soup mixes bookworms with art, music and film royalty as countless reading enthusiasts flock shop that’s guarded by a golden dog.

With over 60,000 titles focused on film, photography, music and literary fiction, you can even find autographed collector’s editions sold here at this iconic LA book shop.

Clare V

With an aesthetic inspired by her own practical experience as a journalist, the Clare V shop is a French-born homeware and design shop focused on accessories, clothes and home decor. Clare V is owned and run by the woman of the same name and is based on North Croft Avenue, although it has multiple branches across California and New York.


This iconic grass fronted antique furniture store is one of the quirkiest shops in Hollywood. With a wide range of vintage and designer furniture to peruse, the warren-filled Hollyhock is the perfect place to find unique trinkets and homeware.