Los Angeles and Hollywood are well known for being one of the largest urban sprawls in America. Many people living here will own cars due to the 1300 square kilometers that make up the city. Many of the urban areas are most efficiently reached by driving, causing more than a little concern for the tourist without a license.

For guests at Hotel 850, this needn’t be a problem. Whether you’re enjoying the sights and sounds of the Sunset Strip or a relaxing meal at the San Vincente Bungalows restaurant, there’s no reason why you’ll need a car when staying West Hollywood and Beverley Hills. With only about 2 miles of land in West Hollywood, you’ll find almost all the attractions you’re looking for during your LA visit. Below are just some of the different modes of transportation that could make your LA trip a little more carbon-friendly, alongside some of the unique places you can enjoy without the use of driving.

See WEHO by bike

Hop on your bike to enjoy some of the most spectacular views of West Hollywood, and all via the world-renowned bike tour available through Bikes and Hikes. Taking about 5 and a half hours all-round the Bikes and Hikes tour is a 32-mile Hollywood cycle through Beverly Hills, Bel Air and some of the amazing views over Santa Monica. If you’re a first timer at our boutique hotel Beverly Hills, then this bike tour is the perfect way to get a handle on the city.

Bus routes of WEHO

Alongside the Starline Tours bus tours of the city, West Hollywood is incredibly well connected by public transport. The 704 and number 4 bus being the two main routes running from West Hollywood. On these nippy routes from the Santa Monica Boulevard stretch of West Hollywood, it’ll be much easier to enjoy the outer limits of Los Angeles because of its location in the heart of LA. WEHO bus routes can take bed and breakfast West Hollywood Los Angeles guests to the likes of Universal Studios and the Dodger Stadium in as little as 1 hour!

Rail routes of WEHO

The Metro train service is run by the same company as the buses, and costs just $1.75 per journey. You can use a contactless TAP card to pay for your journey, which can take you to many corners of LA. Whether you’re visiting Disneyland or Santa Monica Beach, the rail routes will take you no time at all to travel on.

Cabs of WEHO

There are plenty of city cab services available across West Hollywood, all maintaining an efficient and fast level fo service that is surprisingly affordable. The only problem is that you can’t hail a cab on the streets, which means a little bit of preplanning when you order one by phone.

Rideshares of WEHO

Alternatively, you can order services like Lyft and Uber via your smart phone. Due to their rideshare features, this cross between a bus and a taxi will have you share a car with several other passengers, meaning that there will possibly be a few stop-offs during your journey. Rideshares are less efficient if you need to get somewhere fast, but are great value for money and who knows, you might make a new friend in the taxicab!