Maybe you’ve had a late night out and need a pre-bed stomach liner, or perhaps jetlags got the better of your appetite as well as your sleeping patterns. Whatever the reason for your late-night hunger pangs, a stay at the Hotel 850 SVB West Hollywood at Beverly Hills will certainly place you in the right city. Whilst most bars are usually open till 2.30 am, restaurants will close before midnight making it difficult to find a late-night feast. That being said, the energy and vibrancy of Hollywood and the Greater Los Angeles area means that when there’s a will, there’s a way. Below are just some of the amazing West Hollywood restaurants and diners that are open late night if not all night.

Mel’s Drive-in

Nestled at number 8585 on the famous Sunset Boulevard, this classic diner gives the photogenic sunsets from where the road got its name a run for its money. Decked out with alluring neon signing, late-night wine and diners will be like moths to a flame with Mel’s girthy burgers and refreshingly thick milkshakes.

Astro Burger

Open till around 3 am every day, this local burger chain uses 100 percent fresh meat and serves breakfast from early morning till 11 am. Based at 7475 Santa Monica Boulevard, Astro Burger is just a seven-minute drive from the 850 SVB hotel in West Hollywood Los Angeles. With simplicity at its heart and a versatile menu, this is an all-rounder that serves tacos, burgers and burritos, making for the perfect stop off after a night out on the town.

Greenwich Village Pizza

A slice of New York right in the heart of LA, Greenwich Pizza will give those still on New York time a taste of late-night dining that’s certainly worthy of the Big Apple. With deluxe pizzas, pasta and salads, this Italian diner is well worth a late-night bite, especially with its opening times stretching to the early hours of 3 am.

Jones Hollywood

Jones Hollywood is another Santa Monica Boulevard gem, bringing pizza, meatballs and Italian grandmother curated apple pie to a menu stretching into the early hours. With a rock and roll aesthetic but lovingly crafted meals, this is cool comfort food at its best, and with its Santa Monica Boulevard, is located near some of the best West Hollywood shopping and clubbing spots.

BOA Steakhouse

BOA Steakhouse has reinvented the steak dining experience with a unique array of innovative meals. Open late through the week, the steakhouse is home to a glitzy interior and an elevated steakhouse experience. Located on Sunset Boulevard, BOA is a must-visit and easily reachable for late-night revelers in West Hollywood.

Kitchen 24

Kitchen 24 is a legend in West Hollywood and does what it says on the tin. The 24-hour diner means breakfast at any time of day, and whether you’re hankering for some sunny side up’s on Sunset Boulevard or Tinseltown tortillas, the versatile and creative menu at Kitchen 24 is one you won’t forget anytime soon.